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“I chose to relocate my business to Patchogue because it is such a vibrant town. The Chamber of Commerce does so much to showcase the businesses here. Shortly after moving into the Village, I learned that business owners are so friendly and the future plans in the Village are amazing!”

- Jackie Cruz, Executive Director of Long Island Paralegal Services

“I came to Patchogue after talking to the Mayor and many restaurant owners on Main Street and hearing about the New Village Project that came to Patchogue. Some of people who live in this village welcomed me here. I would say those reasons add up. As of this moment, I am happy that I made the decision to be here.”

- Jie Bill Lin, Owner of Hoshi Hibachi & Sushi Restaurant

“I chose Patchogue as the town to start my new business, first and foremost, because I have lived here all my life and have seen Patchogue through its ups and downs. I have always been proud to call Patchogue my home and I am thrilled to see the rebirth of my hometown over the past few years through the expansion of more restaurants and specialty shops. I wanted to become a part of this action and I am confident that Patchogue has only begun to scratch the surface. I travel a lot and therefore spend an exorbitant amount of time in big towns and cities, so against what others may have to say, I also believe that the Tritec project will have a positive impact on the rebirth of Patchogue. The idea of offering a trendy residence for young working professionals is something I see in my travels. People like the idea of urban-style living, which affords the availability of restaurants, bars and shopping all within walking distance. All in all, I see nothing but great things to come and I am excited to not only witness it but to also be part of it!”

- Paige Pfeifer, Owner of The Cheese Patch

“After my graduation from Brooklyn College and teaching in New York City for seven years, I decided to return home to the South Shore of Long Island. Having grown up in the area, I have witnessed the redevelopment of Patchogue Village. Patchogue Village has made a commitment to the arts as evidenced by the Patchogue Theatre, the Plaza Media Arts Center and the visual art gallery at the Art Space. After a very positive meeting with Patchogue Village officials, I decided to make Patchogue Village the home of Sketchbook Studio.”

- Meghan Healy, Owner of Sketchbook Studio

"I opened my printing business 16 years ago. The first thing I did was join the Chamber of Commerce. It was the best thing I ever did! The members are very supportive of each other and are helpful in every way. I can honestly say I would not be in business today if I hadn't joined."

- Janet Pickett, Patchogue Printing

"I feel the biggest benefit of being a Patchogue Chamber member is actually meeting people. Attending the Networking events has not only helped to increase my business but has opened the door to new friendships."

- Carol Proven, Floral Designs of Patchogue

"In business over 40 years the chamber has always been a source of support for the ever changing business landscape. Not only have they kept me abreast of business issues, the networking meeting surely expand my client base."

- JP Brown, Rogers Travel Agency

"A member for only 2 years the chamber is an invaluable asset to me. Membership and participation in the events are responsible for putting me in touch with over half of my clients. An extra plus has been the satisfaction of participating in community events and meeting some wonderful new friends."

- Kelleen Guyer,







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